The Literacy Institute

Woodlynde School is recognized as a leader and authority in the field of learning differences and, through its Literacy Institute, serves as an important resource for educators and neighbors beyond the school community. Through the Literacy Institute, Woodlynde is one of a select few Wilson® Accredited Partner Schools in the country. This positions the school to provide not only research-based instruction for students in the Wilson Reading System®, but also high-quality professional learning for the Woodlynde community and the greater Philadelphia area. 
Literacy Institute Special Events

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  • Phyllis Fagell

    The Ten Key Skills Kids Need to Thrive and How Parents Can Help

    February 3, 2022   |   Live On Zoom
    Advocating for an understanding of middle school as a distinct developmental phase, Phyllis Fagell outlines the top ten social-emotional skills students can develop during this critical phase and how parents can help without getting in the way.

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  • Jessica Minahan

    Practical Strategies to Reduce Anxiety in Students

    December 13, 2021   |   Live On Zoom

    Through the use of case studies, humorous stories, and examples of everyday challenging situations, behavior analyst Jessica Minahan, MEd, BCBA, will introduce participants to easy-to-implement preventive tools, strategies, and interventions for reducing anxiety and increasing self-regulation, accurate thinking, and self-monitoring in students.

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  • Walk In Your Student's Shoes

    Simulating Dyslexia and Executive Functioning Challenges

    October 28, 2021   |   Woodlynde School

    Join Penny Moldofsky, Director of The Literacy Institute, for a series of small, facilitator-led activities that promise to give you a deeper understanding of what students with learning challenges deal with, what helps them succeed, and what may get in the way of learning.

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  • Dr. Devorah Heitner

    Screenwise Parenting For The Long Haul (Or The Long Pandemic)

    October 7, 2021   |   Live On Zoom

    Dr. Devorah Heitner, an expert on young people’s relationship with digital media and technology, shares practical advice when it comes to kids’ tech use and offers parents and guardians advice on how to encourage a healthy relationship with media and technology, setting kids up for success—not stress—in the digital age.

The Literacy Institute programming provides:

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  • Free panels, workshops, and expert speakers

    for parents, professionals, and the greater community. Past Literacy Institute events have included: a lecture with Dr. Ned Hallowell, psychiatrist, best-selling author, and a leading authority in the field of ADHD; a screening The F.A.T. City Workshop and discussion with the related-book’s author, Dr. Richard Lavoie; and a panel including Dr. Tamar Chansky, psychologist and founder and director of the Children's and Adult Center for OCD and Anxiety.
  • Parent guidance and information

    on the Wilson Reading System® and how to support their student in all aspects of literacy.
  • Professional learning for area educators

    in the Wilson Reading System®. Woodlynde School is currently one of a select number of schools in the country designated as a Wilson® Accredited Partner.
  • Progress monitoring

    for Woodlynde students as they gain skill in decoding/encoding, word recognition, and reading fluency.
  • Screenings

    for word-based literacy needs (decoding and spelling) for all Woodlynde students early in September to determine those students who need and will benefit from intensive instruction in the patterns of our language individually or in small groups using the Wilson Reading System® or Just Words®.
  • Support for Woodlynde teachers

    and supervision of student progress in the Wilson Reading System® (provided daily in grades K-5 and based on screenings and assessments for students in grades 6 - 12).
  • Support in guided visualization

    as students, parents, and teachers work together to enhance comprehension.

The Literacy Institute

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  • Photo of Penny Moldofsky

    Penny Moldofsky 

    M.S., Director of the Literacy Institute, Wilson® Credentialed Trainer, Wilson® Dyslexia Therapist
  • Photo of Kristin McMurrer

    Kristin McMurrer 

    Wilson® Credentialed Trainer, Wilson® Dyslexia Therapist, Assistant Director of Admissions
  • Photo of Mark Miller

    Mark Miller 

    Wilson® Dyslexia Practitioner, completed WRS Steps 7-12, completed Advanced Strategies for MSL Group
  • Photo of Mary Anne Keith

    Mary Anne Keith 

    Wilson® Dyslexia Practitioner, completed WRS Steps 7-12, completed Advanced Strategies for MSL Grou

Wilson® Professional Learning

As a Wilson® Accredited Partner, The Literacy Institute at Woodlynde School offers professional learning for educators that include Wilson Reading System® certification courses.

Previous Speakers

The Literacy Institute at Woodlynde School has brought numerous expert and nationally-recognized speakers to Woodlynde School, including: 
David Geurin
Dr. Jennifer Jackson Holden
Rick Lavoie, M.A., M.Ed.
Caroline Maguire ACCG, PCC, M.Ed.
Jessica Minahan
Dr. Edward Moss
Dr. Tim Odegard
Dr. Thomas Power
Dr. David Rettew
Pnina Siegler
Dr. Frances Sutherland
Woodlynde School is a private, co-ed college prep day school located in suburban Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, that serves intelligent, talented students with learning differences in grades K - 12. Woodlynde provides a comprehensive, evidence-based Kindergartenelementarymiddle and high school program in a challenging yet nurturing environment for students with average to above average cognitive abilities (IQ) who have language- or math-based learning differences (such as Dyslexia, Dysgraphia or Dyscalculia), Executive Function Challenges, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), or Auditory Processing Disorder. Even for those students without a diagnosed learning disability (LD), Woodlynde offers expert and caring teachers in small classroom settings that support academic success. Woodlynde School also offers a post-graduate (PG) program in partnership with Rosemont College as well as a regional Summer Camp for students who learn differently.