Athlete Spotlight: Aryana Alidjani

Black Belt also Plays Violin and Performs Service.
By Morgan Lang
Staff Writer
Senior Aryana Alidjani is a funny, sweet and friendly student who has many different talents and interests, such as   karate, violin, and community service.

Aryana started karate at the age of twelve. Her father and neighbor both took part in karate, which made her interested in the sport. Aryana started training as many times a week as she could at Kwon’s Martial Arts Academy in Newtown Square.

After training for five years straight, Aryana earned her black belt in Taekwondo this past December.

Over the years, doing a jumping front kick has become Aryana’s favorite move. Spinning kicks were the hardest skill for Aryana to pick up because she would tend to feel dizzy while having to spin around and practice this kick over and over again.

One of the various reasons she enjoys karate is because it has taught her self defense techniques. “I feel great knowing how to defend myself if necessary,” said Aryana.
Another one of Aryana’s various talents is the violin. In elementary school, Aryana watched one of her family friends play the violin, which made her want to pick up the violin, too. She currently plays violin as a member of the Delaware County Youth Orchestra. Aryana considers herself an intermediate level player. She loves being able to play violin solo, in a quartet, or as a part of the orchestra.
At the age of fourteen, Aryana decided to become involved with community service at Cradles to Crayons, an organization that provides kids with the essentials they need, free of charge, according to its website.  

Aryana has also helped out with the Woodlynde Service Brigade and has participated in two bike rides to the New Jersey shore to raise money for the American Cancer Society and Multiple Sclerosis. In addition, she volunteered as an assistant teacher in a Farsi class for younger kids.

The reason Aryana takes part in community service is because she enjoys giving people in need a hand.

Aryana is also an excellent student.

“Aryana is a joy to teach because she approaches every activity with a positive attitude,” saidMrs. Moldofsky,Director of the Literacy Institute. “She locates sources faster than I can, and she is a model of patient teaching as she shows me how to figure out processes on the internet.

“When I think about persistent students with incredible drive, I think of Aryana when she sent me her Google Doc during a snowstorm — she wanted to make sure all her edits were accurate!”

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