Athlete Spotlight: Will Hage

Golfer Says You Have to Curb Your Frustration
By Morgan Lang
Staff Writer
Frustration happens constantly throughout life, but becoming frustrated while playing golf can change your gameplay in a second, says junior Will Hage.

“Once you get angry, you can’t focus,” Will said. Instead, “You just have to let it go.”  

Will started playing golf at the age of 15 and he immediately loved the sport. Golf definitely didn't come easily to Will at first. It took a great deal of time and effort to become the player he is today.

Will really enjoys how friendly the people are who he has met playing golf. He became interested in this sport because two members of his family play golf — his father and his sister.

Will currently plays golf for both Woodlynde and outside of school. He practices as often as he can — usually five or six times a week — at Penn Oaks Golf Club in West Chester. To stay in shape, Will performs intensive exercises such as flexibility workouts, calisthenics, plyometrics, and body weight exercises.

In the past, Will has played in the Hurricane Junior Golf Tour. He has also won multiple tournaments at the Philadelphia Journey Club, Fox Chase Country Club, and Chester Valley Country Club. His top score was a 67, which is five strokes under par.

For the past three years, Will has also played for Woodlynde’s Varsity Golf team, including on the championship team last year.

“It’s always relaxing,” Will said of playing Varsity Golf. “I love playing with my teachers. It’s enjoyable.”

A hilarious moment he experienced was at Penn Oaks Golf Course with teachers Mr. Tischler, Mr. Robison, and Mr. Shank. On the fourth tee box, there is a trash can on the left-hand side of the course. Mr. Tischler teed off, and as he did, the ball flew right into the trash can.

“Mr. Shank found it hilarious,” Will said.

A highlight from Will’s golf experiences was when he was over at Lynn Field on hole number 12. He hit his ball right onto the green next to the flag. “It was exciting because the hole was the number one handicap,” Will said.

Will plans to continue working hard at golf and hopes to play Division I golf in college.

His Golf Coach, Mr. Robison said, "Will is a very talented golfer and has been a great addition to the golf team. He was a key part of the 2018 TCISL Championship team last year."

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