Teacher Spotlight - Carolyn Kruk: Middle School Reading Teacher

"My colleagues are the best! They are the most helpful and hardworking group of people I know. We truly are a 'team.'"
Teacher Spotlight: Carolyn Kruk, Middle School Reading Teacher / Professional Development Specialist
Years at Woodlynde: 14-ish years. I was here for two years, then I moved to Boston for graduate school, then I came back!
What I Have Learned From My Students:
  • Over the years, my students have taught me more about the power of perseverance than I could have ever hoped to learn. They are amazing, hard-working individuals who never give up on what they want to achieve
Some Things About Me:
  • I love “crafty” activities - particularly crochet and quilting.

  • I am heavily involved with a local dog rescue, which has become a passion for my children as well.

  • For the past few years, I have led international trips for the high school students. Several years ago, the French teacher at the time had started to lead trips to French-speaking countries. She found out that I speak French and needed a second chaperone, so she asked me to go. When she left, I took over leading the trips! We no longer focus on French-speaking countries; instead, we use the trips as an opportunity to expose our students to a variety of cultures from around the world.

  • In my opinion, the most important part of teaching here at Woodlynde is to really get to know each of our students as individuals. If you don’t know who they are and what their needs are, you can’t reach their needs.
Some of My Favorite Things about Woodlynde:
  • I enjoy working with Woodlynde because it is a wonderful community. I have amazing, dedicated colleagues who make it easy to come to work each day. I love the relationships I can form with my students because of the nature and size of our school. And I love the support and encouragement I get from the administration.

  • My colleagues are the best! They are the most helpful and hardworking group of people I know. We truly are a “team.”

  • I love the bonds I can make with our students, which I think is unique to Woodlynde. Our students are really looking for someone who they can trust and who believes in them. If they are able to be that person for some of our students, it can lead to some pretty amazing relationships.
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