Buddy Program Goes Virtual:

Not even the pandemic can stop student bonding.
By Griffin Reichow
Website Editor
Even in this challenging time, one of the school’s most popular extracurricular activities, The Buddy Program, will proceed this year, but with modifications. The program is being held virtually this year due to Covid-19 precautionary policies such as social distancing. 

Buddy Program coordinator
Mrs. Quinton said, “I was impressed last year by how Middle and Upper School students enjoyed making connections with each other, and how they participated in Buddy Program events, so I wanted to continue this tradition at Woodlynde.” 

Students, both young and old, are impressed with the program this year, too, despite the changes. 

Eighth grader
Jessica Gardy, said “I think having the Buddy Program this year, even if it has to be virtual, is amazing. We are still able to put a smile on their faces, even though it might just be talking through a computer. I am glad we are able to make this work and still have fun.” 

Scarlett Connor said, “I think it's kind of cool that we still have the Buddy Program even if it's virtual. It's kind of sad that we don’t get to do all the cool things we normally get to do with our buddies [like the Buddy Halloween Parade and Buddy Bowling]. It’s also kind of funny because one grade is grouped with a homeroom, so it’s reasonable for there to be more middle or high school students than Lower School kids.”

Gabi Angelo expressed, “I have always liked helping people, especially kids. Ever since I heard about the Buddy Program in 6th grade, I have fallen more and more in love with it. I love hanging out with the buddies. I love the trips and events, or even sitting next to them in the APR. Even though it is over Zoom, I still find a way to connect with my buddy, and it is the most awesome feeling to connect with a child. That’s why I love the Buddy Program.”

Sarah Brown said “The Buddy Program is still going to be as fun, even if it’s virtual. It is a time where Middle and Upper School students get to bond with Lower School and help Lower School if they need it. I still very much enjoy the Buddy Program even though it is virtual. I will always want to be a buddy and I love making little kids happy and feel safe.” 

It’s not just the Upper School buddies who are having fun with the Lower School students. The Lower Schoolers are enjoying it, too.

The buddy program is a favorite activity among Lower Schoolers, even though it is virtual this year.

Third grader
Eamon Brophy said, “I liked it. The thing I liked about it was definitely saying hi to the Upper School buddies over Zoom and watching the morning assembly video together.”

Fourth grader
Kenzie Morelock said, “It was fun. We got to meet 11 students and shared what our favorite candy was and I matched with some of the older buddies.”

When Mrs. Quinton was asked how The Buddy Program is going to work this year, she said, “We are going to be flexible and creative when planning events and activities for buddies this school year. My hope is that students are still able to make connections and have fun spending time with their buddies.”
~ Buddy Program coordinator Mrs. Quinton provided all student interviews.

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