Teacher Spotlight: Julie Bown - Lower School Counselor

Teacher Spotlight: 
 Julie Bown

Years at Woodlynde: 3 years

Some Things About Me:
  • I was an undergraduate psychology major, a dual major in counseling/mental health services and school counseling at Penn, and I have family members with learning differences – all of which drew me to Woodlynde School.

  • I play basketball in a women’s league.

  • I live near the Art Museum and love to run along the river.

  • Living in the city, I like to sample the many fun, new restaurants.

  • I am happiest spending time with friends and family.
What I’ve Learned from My Students:
  • Perseverance – our students want more than anything to push through until they achieve success.  I see more tenacity in our K-5 students than I see in many adults.

  • Humor – our students have a remarkable ability to laugh at themselves, and sometimes, even at me.  It is an inspiration to work with them every day.

Recent Woodlynde Initiative:  Working with Elizabeth Maglio, Assistant Head of School Grades K-8, in bringing Responsive Classrooms to Woodlynde School

Some of My Favorite Things about Woodlynde:
  • There is so much ingenuity among the faculty and staff and always room to grow professionally and personally, usually in more ways than you could even imagine.  I particularly enjoy the many opportunities to work with my colleagues on various school committees, including the Teacher Leadership Council, the Technology Committee, and the Diversity Committee, as well as the chance to lead some of our student leadership groups, including the school’s Buddy and Safety Programs and helping with various sports teams.

  • I love our smaller community where everyone knows each other and where kindness, care, and compassion are at the core of our school culture.  I come to school to see smiling faces every day.

  • I love our students.  They are unique, creative, and awesomely fearless.  They face more academic, social, and emotional challenges than the average student, and they still persevere, working so hard in all aspects of their education and themselves.

  • As a school counselor, my role is to meet our students where they are.  We all have diverse needs, but we also all have the same feelings.  I try to give our students the support and tools they need to navigate their education, their personal growth, and their ability to engage and maintain effective relationships with their peers.  All of which evolves over time, of course, as they grow and develop from children into young adults, and it is wonderful to know that I have had a part in helping with that growth. 

  • While no two days are the same, I spend my time pushing into classrooms to watch the students interact with their learning, their teachers, and each other; guiding them in small groups; working with students during individual sessions; and communicating with families and area professionals.  Through it all, I really get to know our K-6 students – what they may want to change, how they solve problems, who they are, and who do they want to be. 

  • I love the way the faculty, students, and families have embraced the Responsive Classrooms culture, and especially how our (and by our, I mean our wonderful K-8 faculty) have created an atmosphere where through engaging academics, a positive community, effective management, and developmental awareness, students can thrive in a safe and joyful learning community.
Woodlynde School is a private, co-ed college prep day school located in suburban Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, that serves intelligent, talented students with learning differences in grades K - 12. Woodlynde provides a comprehensive, evidence-based Kindergartenelementarymiddle and high school program in a challenging yet nurturing environment for students with average to above average cognitive abilities (IQ) who have language- or math-based learning differences (such as Dyslexia, Dysgraphia or Dyscalculia), Executive Function Challenges, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), or Auditory Processing Disorder. Even for those students without a diagnosed learning disability (LD), Woodlynde offers expert and caring teachers in small classroom settings that support academic success. Woodlynde School also offers a post-graduate (PG) program in partnership with Rosemont College as well as a regional Summer Camp for students who learn differently.