Commentary: Snapchat’s Streaks Are a Waste of Time

Snapchat streaks have become a daily ritual for many students. However, streaks are pointless.
By Annie Bryant
Guest Writer

Snapchat streaks have become a daily ritual for many students. However, streaks are pointless. They are pictures of meaningless objects just to make sure their streak doesn't come to an end.

Snapchat defines streaks as, “You have snapped this person every day and they have snapped you back. Increases with number of consecutive days.” Streaks are a trend and are something students want to engage in because they want to have the highest number of days out of all their friends.

In order to keep a Snapchat streak going, you must keep sending a picture to get numbers added to the number of days. People get worried and anxious about the possibility of losing their steaks, so many students will literally send a black screen to make sure their streaks are safe.

Streaks are a waste of time and energy because if you have 100 days with someone and miss just one day, all the time spent sending pictures back and forth to get the 100 next to the person’s name will disappear without any evidence of ever having been there.

Many Upper schoolers share my view on streaks.

“Snapchat streaks are overrated and too prioritized,” junior
Jared Smith said. Jared said his longest streak was 60 days, and back when he used to participate in streaks, he would send a picture of his face.

Will D'Arcy also had a streak of 60 days, but stopped because, he said, “It is pointless to have people send a picture of a black screen every day.”

Ryan Hughes feels, “Streaks are mood: either I do them or I don’t.”  His longest streak lasted 45 days and he would send a picture of the ground or whatever was near him.

Snapchat created streaks to ensure that people would use the app at least once a day and it works. People have a feeling of despair when they lose a streak. This shows that they are way too attached to an idea.

It also shows that people are easily manipulated by trends and easily get caught up in social pressure. Instead of spending countless moments and lots of energy on ridiculous streaks, students could hang out with friends and talk face-to-face. They could even do their homework, watch Netflix, or maybe even participate in community service.

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