Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Federinko - Grades 9-12 English and Writing Teacher

"Their creativity and desire to improve is inspiring. They motivate me to teach better and smarter." 

What I Have Learned From My Students:
  • They want to make me work harder. Many of them come with great questions, positive attitudes, and a desire to become better people. They motivate me to teach better and smarter.

  • My students have helped me develop my skills as a writing teacher, which is why I change my approach so much year-to-year. Their creativity and desire to improve is inspiring.
Some Things About Me:
  • I enjoy the art of teaching. It’s one of the most noble professions to enter. As a high school student, I taught percussion lessons to elementary and middle school students. I thought, “Hey, I might be able to do this for a living.” Eventually, I narrowed it to teaching writing and English, and I have been teaching for nine years now.

  • I am Woodlynde’s Assistant Ultimate Frisbee Coach. I like to be outdoors in the spring and summer months, and Ultimate Frisbee is a great way to accomplish that. I also enjoy seeing my students outside of the classroom for some non-academic time.

  • I try to read and write as much as I can. I spend time with my wife and family. I work on house projects. I cycle. I eat. What I do outside of my “job” really affects me. It’s important to relax and arrive on campus physically and mentally rested, and my personal life helps me do that.
Some of My Favorite Things about Woodlynde:
  • It’s appropriate that this is the “Year of the Teacher.” I enjoy my co-workers most of all. I’ve taught in public, private, and charter schools at both ends of the state, and these people are the best. I feel supported, appreciated, and I know that they’re here for the students.

  • It’s not often co-workers become friends. I have that here. They’re positive when they need to be, critical when they need to be, and always supportive.

  • Of all things, one of my favorites is my typical day. I wake up, drive to work, help kids become better writers and people, drive home, sleep, repeat until Friday. It might not sound thrilling, but I love it.

  • My free time during the day is my students’ time. Smaller class sizes allow me to meet with my students more often even outside of our scheduled time. I really enjoy this one-on-one time, and we frequently make much progress.
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