What are the EITC and OSTC Programs?

Since 2001, the Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) program has provided companies paying taxes in Pennsylvania with tax credits for donations to approved scholarship organizations such as Woodlynde School. In 2012, Pennsylvania created the OSTC program as an expansion of the EITC program to provide scholarship support for students who reside within the boundaries of a public school designated by the State as low-achieving.

The EITC and OSTC programs provide businesses with tax credits of 75% for a one-year gift and 90% if a business agrees to provide the same contribution for two consecutive tax years.

Eligible businesses must be authorized to do business in Pennsylvania and subject to one or more of the following taxes: Personal Income Tax, Capital Stock/Foreign Franchise Tax, Corporate Net Income Tax, Bank Shares Tax, Title Insurance & Trust Company Shares Tax, Insurance Premium Tax, Mutual Thrift Tax, Malt Beverage Tax, Retaliatory Fees under section 212 of the Insurance Company Law of 1921.

Who Benefits?

Over 40% of the Woodlynde School student body receives financial aid, and EITC and OSTC funding is a critical part of Woodlynde's scholarship program. The Woodlynde Scholarship Fund enables students who cannot afford full tuition to attend and benefit from Woodlynde's specialized college-prep programming for students with learning differences.

How to Apply

EITC and OSTC guidelines and applications can be found online.  Click here for more information on the EITC Program. Click here for more information on the OSTC Program. Remember, any qualifying business can participate, so please share this information with any business colleagues who may want to support Woodlynde School and receive tax credits.

Applying is easy, but there is a cap on funding, and applications are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

Applications for businesses in the middle of a two-year commitment and returning donors will be accepted starting May 15, 2018.

New applications will be accepted beginning July 2, 2018.

Please consult your tax advisor on how these programs may impact your business.

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Woodlynde School Thanks Our Past EITC/OSTC Donors

  • Aqua America, Inc.
  • ASI Business Solutions, Inc.
  • Atkinson, Mullen & Russo Travel
  • Bluefin Investment Management
  • The Bryn Mawr Trust Company
  • Colonial Auto Group
  • First Niagara
  • Firstrust Bank
  • Karen Friedman Enterprises, Inc.
  • Harmelin Media
  • Henkels Foundation
  • Henry F. Michell Co.
  • IMC Construction
  • Independence Blue Cross
  • KDD Domains, LLC
  • The Maguire Foundation
  • Manufacturers and Traders Trust Company (M&T Bank)
  • The Philadelphia Contributionship Insurance Company
  • Philadelphia Indemnity Insurance Company
  • The PNC Financial Service Group, Inc.
  • Promid, LLC
  • Reliable Companies
  • Republic Bank
  • Stantec Architecture Inc.
  • Strafford Real Estate GP LLC
  • The Great Britains Automotive Group - Willow Grove
  • Tri-State Technical Sales Corp
  • UGI Energy Company
  • Verizon Communications, Inc.

Woodlynde School

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Woodlynde School is a private, co-ed college prep day school located in suburban Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, that serves intelligent, talented students with learning differences in Grades K - 12. Woodlynde provides a comprehensive, evidence-based Kindergarten, elementary, middle and high school program in a challenging yet nurturing environment for students with average to above average cognitive abilities (IQ) who have language-or math-based learning differences (such as Dyslexia, Dysgraphia or Dyscalculia), Executive Function Disorder, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), or Auditory Processing Disorder. Even for those students without a diagnosed learning disability (LD), Woodlynde offers expert and caring teachers in small classroom settings that support academic success. Woodlynde School also offers a post-graduate (PG) program in partnership with Rosemont College as well as a regional Summer Camp for students who learn differently.