Athlete Spotlight: Christian Frazier Eighth Grader Completes His Second Triathlon

Eight grader Christian Frazier recently participated in a triathlon during september.
By Daniel O’Malley
Sports Editor

“I wanted a new challenge,” eighth grader Christian Frazier said when asked why he has recently started participating in triathlons.

Christian participated in his second triathlon in September. A triathlon is a race that consists of three portions: swimming, running and cycling. Christian’s triathlon included one mile running, two miles biking, and six laps swimming.

“It combines everything into a whole event. It tests your performance in all areas,” Christian said. He trained for 12 weeks by running, swimming and biking. Christian is also on the cross country team and participates in swimming during the summer.

Cross Country Head Coach Mr. Byron had many good things to say about Christian. “I think Christian’s biggest strength is his sense of commitment to our team and his love of running.”

Christian had a strong triathlon time of 26 minutes. Surprisingly, Christian wasn’t nervous before the race. He did say the race felt “a little long.”

He said he felt “good” and “tired” after he finished. Christian plans on participating in more triathlons, and said that for anyone who has never done a triathlon before, it’s “a different challenge.” The hardest part was, “when I got out of the pool, I began [the running portion]. I started feeling [exhausted], but I pushed through.”

Mr. Byron encouraged Christian to keep participating in triathlons. “I think the more he participates, the better he will become.”

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