About 20% of Students Don’t Use the New Lockers

For many years, a significant number of Middle and Upper School students did not use their lockers. After Woodlynde put in new lockers to better suit student's needs, many still do not use them.  
By Blair Epps
Magazine Editor
For many years, a significant number of Middle and Upper School students did not use their lockers. They complained about how skinny and narrow they were. Some students also had trouble with the combination lock.

So to suit the students’ needs,
the school spent $60,210 to purchase new lockers, according to Dean of Students Mr. Shank.

But guess what? Many still don’t use them. According to Mr. Shank, about 20 percent of Middle and Upper School students do not use their lockers. And here’s why:
The lockers are opened by scanning the sensor with a locker card provided to each student.

However, for some, this process can be burdensome. You not only have to scan your locker to open it, you also have to scan it a second time to close it. And if you aren't quick enough, a third time. This is because the locker automatically locks four seconds after it is opened. Because of this, some students would rather store their belongings somewhere else.
                   THE LOCKER CARD
Some students misplace their card or forget to bring it in, and because of this, they have to keep asking Mr. Shank to open it for them. Or they have to buy a new locker card for $10. Instead of dealing with the hassle, some students find it easier to not even bother with their locker.
It’s nice that the lockers are stacked by twos to fit more lockers in a smaller area. This allows more space for students to move through the hallways. However, that seems to create an additional problem. Students don’t like being bunched up. And students really don’t like being stuck with the bottom locker.
One thing that some students liked about the old lockers was that they were long. This means that they could fit tall objects in their lockers, such as a coat or poster. The new lockers are wider, but they are not tall enough to accommodate certain belongings.
The administration is well aware of the lack of locker use and student complaints.

However, the real problem, Mr. Shank believes, is that: “Students do not fully appreciate that they have lockers and take them for granted.”

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