Junior Is a Clutch Ultimate Frisbee Player

Junior Paulina Klein works hard and plays strong defense.  
 People who play Ultimate Frisbee can take the sport very seriously. This is especially true for junior Paulina Klein.

Ultimate Frisbee is often unheard of in the sports world. For those who aren’t sure of how it is played, think of a more well-known sport like football.

Paulina has been playing Ultimate Frisbee since she was a sophomore. Her friend, 2016 graduate Craig Mechanic, was the one who “got me interested in playing [Ultimate] Frisbee.”

Paulina quickly realized how much fun it was and realized how much she enjoys playing this sport. “Frisbee has opened up so many great opportunities to make new friends and … to learn a new sport,” she said.

Paulina is a valuable player on the team. “Paulina’s a great player who works hard on the field,” Coach Frawley said. “She scored a clutch goal for us in a tight game last year, and her defense keeps opponents on their toes.” Coach Frawley said that Paulina’s skills have really improved over the time she has played. “Other teams sometimes underestimate her, and she takes advantage of that by running by them and playing hard,” Mr. Frawley added.

Paulina said playing Ultimate Frisbee is a challenge, partially because you need to be in good shape, since playing the sport requires a tremendous amount of running. “You have to run a few miles every game and practice,” she said.

In addition to playing Ultimate Frisbee, Paulina also enjoys other activities, such as playing Varsity Volleyball in the fall, spending time with friends, and drawing. Paulina said she will draw “anything that is on my mind. I don’t maintain a certain category of things.” She has taken this hobby toward a much more serious route by enrolling in classes. “I have taken [art classes] at the University of the Arts for two years,” she said. “I’ve been interested in drawing since I was two, and it calms me down when I’m feeling stressed.”

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