Student Council: Plans Include a Dance, Ice Cream Social & Class Trips

The newly elected Student Council is eager to get to work on exciting events and important improvements for the Upper School. 
By Ethan Melniczek
Staff Writer
The newly elected Student Council is eager to get to work on exciting events and important improvements for the Upper School.

Already, Student Council has organized Spirit Week, including a pep rally. In addition, the annual student / faculty kickball game, along with a trip to Dorney Park Fright Night, are on Oct. 20th.

And this is just a glimpse of what they have in store this year.

Additional events that President
Leo Kates wants to organize include a school dance, an end of midterms ice cream social, and a trip to either Six Flags or Hersheypark in the spring. It should be noted that as of Informer deadline, these ideas had not yet been finalized.

What have been already approved and scheduled, however, are the class overnight trips.

While Student Council has many great ideas for the Upper School this year, Leo hopes the student body gets more involved in the decision-making process.

“I am thinking of opening up one Student Council meeting a month to anyone who would like to attend, so that way students have a chance to be heard in front of the entire council, similar to a town hall,” Leo said.

Students also can email Leo or their grade’s representative if they have ideas or want to give Student Council feedback.

“Email is always a good way to get in touch,” Leo said. “I check my Woodlynde email several times each day. It is I just ask that students include ‘Student Council’ in the subject, and also give their name and grade.”

Another thing Student Council is aiming for is uniting the grades.

“I really want the whole Upper School to come together this year,” Leo said. “There is a lot of separation between the grades; students oftentimes only socialize with students in their grade. I want that to change.”

Some people might be unhappy with Student Council’s performance from previous years, but
Ms. Ball, who oversees Student Council, spoke highly of the new representatives.

“[I am] so excited to work with this great group of students!” she said.

“I feel as though the Upper School students really listened to the candidates who wanted to make an effortful change for their peers, and in doing so they elected officials who are passionate, proactive, and effective to help make change happen!”  
The 2017-18 Upper School Student Council
President Leo Kates
Vice President Graham Dileo
Secretary Declan Arnott
12th Grade Representative Emily Martin
11th Grade Representative Zach Hurwitz
10th Grade Representative Kyndale Mitchell
9th Grade Representative Dylan Osborn

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