Why Woodlynde School?

Why do families choose Woodlynde—and why do they love the school once they do? We hear many reasons. These are five of the most important.

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        • The Richness and Challenge of the Academic Program

          Woodlynde offers the range in engaging learning opportunities that define a college prep experience at its best. Students develop the core skills of literacy and quantitative reasoning and gain a broad grounding in science, social studies, world language, and the arts. Courses include Honors and Advanced Placement options as well as 35 Upper School electives—from Creative Writing and American Sign Language to Architecture and Engineering.
        • The Strength and Breadth of Strategic Learning Support

          Woodlynde employs evidence-based teaching methods proven to help turn learning differences into learning success. Resources and services ranging from Metacognition classes to assistive technology far surpass what most schools can provide. Rather than pulling children out of class for supplementary help, our teachers work with them throughout the day to meet and master their learning challenges.
        • The Power of Personal Relationships

          Woodlynde is a place where students want to be. The reason is the warmth, openness, and positive energy they find here. This is an inclusive school community, where each person can experience a sense of belonging. It all starts with caring connections between each student and our remarkably dedicated teachers.
        • The Opportunities Beyond the Expected

          Woodlynde offers a varied array of arts programs and competitive sports, clubs and activities, social events, leadership opportunities, and travel options. Our students can take to the stage in plays or write for our award-winning newspaper. They can try horseback riding or robotics. They can join friends for a trip to an amusement park or an adventure abroad in Ireland or Peru. Life as a student here is about more than meeting academic challenges—far more.
        • The Stories of Transformation

          When Woodlynde students, parents, and alumni share their experiences, the same themes often emerge. You find that Woodlynde is a place where children who have struggled with school come to love school, where families faced with frustration find answers, and where goals that seemed beyond reach have a habit of becoming attainable. So far, more than 1,000 Woodlynde graduates have started their stories of success here, and the list keeps growing.
          • What is Woodlynde? This is Woodlynde!

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          Marybeth Spencer 

          Chief Educational Officer, Wilson® Dyslexia Practitioner
        Admissions Office Hours
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        7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

        Woodlynde Serves...

        Students with average to above-average cognitive ability who experience academic difficulties related to Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia, Auditory Processing Disorder, ADHD, and executive functioning deficits may be well served by Woodlynde School’s mission. Woodlynde School is not able to provide services to students with Autism Spectrum Disorder who need support to navigate the school day, or those with social-emotional or behavioral challenges.

        Programs We Offer

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        • Rigorous academics in a college prep setting

        • Instruction in reading using the Wilson Reading System® by a Wilson® Dyslexia Practitioner to meet students’ needs

        • Metacognition classes – teaching students to learn how they learn best

        • A dynamic writing program

        • Robust arts, athletics, and student life programs that support personal growth

        • Laptops loaded with assistive technology for all students, with personal laptops for home and school use in grades 6-12

        • Instruction in organization, study skills, and time management

        • Extra help within and beyond the school day

        • Individualized guidance for college placement

        • Honors sections in Upper School


        Woodlynde School Provides...

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        Woodlynde School is a private, co-ed college prep day school located in suburban Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, that serves intelligent, talented students with learning differences in grades K - 12. Woodlynde provides a comprehensive, evidence-based Kindergartenelementarymiddle and high school program in a challenging yet nurturing environment for students with average to above average cognitive abilities (IQ) who have language- or math-based learning differences (such as Dyslexia, Dysgraphia or Dyscalculia), Executive Function Challenges, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), or Auditory Processing Disorder. Even for those students without a diagnosed learning disability (LD), Woodlynde offers expert and caring teachers in small classroom settings that support academic success. Woodlynde School also offers a post-graduate (PG) program in partnership with Rosemont College as well as a regional Summer Camp for students who learn differently.